Having their photograph are Antrim Grammar school under 14 Hockey Team back in 1970.
Sadly I do not know any of their names and they deserved to be names so get your thinking caps on and if you know any of them let me know and I will send you a copy of the photograph

The Antrim Grammar golf team have been doing well having been in three major events this year. They were the Irish Aer Lingus tourament at Dungannon, the Ulster schools' Championship at Balmoral and the North Eastern Board Sports Association Championship at Ballymena. Sadly in the first two they were not so good were 'also rans', but they didn't give up and in the Ballymena competition they the team award and Allan Norris had the best individual Net score. Remember they were competiting against 15 other schools which speaks highly of the boys competive spirit and skill of the whole team.
The school team was Clifford Lowery, Kenneth Thompson Nigel Mitchell and Alan Norris, well done boys.

Here are some of the stars of Antrim Gramar School's Pantomine in 1970 which I belive was a great success. The only 2 stars known at the moment are in the front on the left Janice Jury and next to her Suzanne Clarke.
Now if you if you know any of the other girls that are unknown please let me know and I will send you a photograph.
The year is 1970 and only one basketball team represented Antrim Grammar school and they were the Under 14's and they had a very successful season by winning a very exciting league championship only to be beaten by four points in the area league play-off final by St. McNissi's, still the school was proud of you all.
The team was D. McKay, D. Elliott, S. Thompson, J. Nelson, C.Lowry, P. Elder, D. Cooper, D. McClenaghan and J. McClenaghan.
These are the Antrim Grammar School Scout Troop and no wonder they have big smilimg faces for sitting in front of them is Desmond Dewes Memorial Trophy of which they are the winners back in 1970.
On the left in the back row is Kenny Thompson, then Trevor Service, Mervyn Kelly, Unknown, Samuel Smyth and Eddie Mitchell.
In the front from the left is Unknown, Clifford Lowry, Unknown and Unkown.
Now if you if you know any of the lads that are unknown please let me know and I will send you a photograph.
This is the under 13 Boys Hockey team and proved themselves against traditional hockey school by doing well to win one, draw one and lose another
by one only goal a great acheivement and in all a successful year. I have not been given all the names so if you can and let me know I will send you a
photograph. The names I have are as follows: Back row (from the left) Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Paul Houston, Unknown and
Adrian Smyth. Front row (from the left) Brian Cathcart, Kenny Myles and the rest Unknown.
The year is 1976 and proudly having their photograph taken are Antrim Grammar School Headmaster and Prefects.
Now I have some names but they were just written on the photograph but not in any order so I need your help in putting the names to the right people
If you can help me I would be so grateful and of course I will send you a couple of photographs if you want.
In the back row (from the left) Unknown, Roy Franklin, Monya Kelly, Alan Magill, Robert Houston, Bertie McCormick, Steven Boyd, Alan Norris,
John Singleton and Mark Duckett.
Second (from the left) Unknown, Qwen Allen, Unknown, Jancie Coyle,Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Lena Stevenson, Unknown and Unknown.
Front row (from the left) Francis McVeigh, Mark Patton, Unknown, Roy Hanna, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown and Unkown.
Here we have Antrim Grammar School Badminton club and they start from 1st year upwards and is always well attended and the girls work extremely hard for places have to be won throught skill and dedication. Sadly I only have one girl's name and that is Yvette Smith who is at the right end of the back row.
Now if you know any of the names please let me know and if you wish I will send you a copy of the photograph.
SHIP AHOY' 17 pupils from Antrim Grammar School got ready set off on a western Mediterran cruise and on the 17th July 1975 they boarded the" S.S Unganda"
After they settled in in their dormitories they went back up on top to watch the anchor being lifted out of the sea at 5.30pm to head through through Bay of Biscay and on to their first port of call Gibaltar. A great time was had by all and that was Francis McVeigh, Trevor Service, Tony Harris, Paul Lowery,
Mr Lindsay, Stephen Becket, Wendy Borland, Jackie Cochrin, Rosie McNeilly, Maggie Burns, Cliff Lowery, Gereldine Beers, Ian Shaw, Dorothy Leslie, Sharon Lynn and Robin Buick.
It's 1980 and we are looking up the spire of ' All Sanits' Presbyterian Church in Church Street Antrim were they are working on putting on a new top.
In my younger days I climbed up to the parapet where the clock is to take some photos of Antrim and I'm terrified of heights, you would have thought by back was glued to the spire.
Now the only text on the photograph is:"Dulce Et Decorum Est"
Sadly I do not know any of their names and they deserved to be names so get your thinking caps on and if you know any of them let me know and I will send you a photograph
A DAY OUT 3228
Sitting on the rocks up round the North - East Antrim Coast in 1926 having travelled up from Antrim on a day out.
Sadly at the moment none of the people in photograph are known to me, unless you know better.
How about going all the way to Australia to get married? Well that's what Eunice Scott and Dal Armstrong did and here they are getting ready to enter the bridal car in Brisbane.
This photograph was taken long after October 1922 when during a great Ball when an arsonist (a servant at the castle) lit a fire underneath the grand staircase and deliberately made sure there was no water in the big holding tanks which where in the loft area. It did not take long for the whole Castle to be enveloped in flames when they heard screams coming from one of the first floor windows. It was Ethel one of the servants, they quickly got a ladder and very soon got Ethel to safety but by the time the ambulance arrived it was too late, Ethel had not been burned by the fire but sadly had died due to smoke inhalation. In the foreground you can see a gate and an entrance which most likely had steps and was probably used by the servants, further on part of the wall has collasped for the council at the time did nothing to secure the Castle. Even though in this sad state it was a great attraction for it had been magnificent. Just beyond the fallen wall is a main door for the upper class to come out through and take in the wonderful views including the Sixmilewater River. Eventually the Castle got into a dangerous state because it had not been looked after that Antrim Borough Council at the time own Archiect ordered it to be bulldozed down and all that remains is the Octagon Tower. To be fair the the Council of today have worked hard at turning the Castle grounds into a place of beauty and has won many awards and worth going to see.
This is Antrim Castle many years after it was deliberately set on fire. Above the front door are the coats of arms of the Ferrard's and the Massereene's and even in this sad state it was still attracting many visitors as you can see by the car on the left. To the right is the Motte from where at the top the last cannon ball was fired fired during the Battle of Antrim in 1798.
milestone was photographed in 1953 in Castle Street which is gone and so is the milestone.
There used to be one also in Fountain Street which has also disapeared to make way for a passage way.