Taking a walk for fresh air along the Belfast to Antrim Road on the 5th October 1938, we have May McCalmont. Behind the pram is dear Granny Rachel Agnew with her bunch of flowers and at her side is Jack Agnew her grandson. Her other grandchildren are in the pram the twins - Maudie and Ann, while standing in front with an inquisitive look on her face is Rita Agnew.
TEDDY and I 309
This little boy on the beach with his Teddy at Portstewart is from Antrim but at the moment his name, his Teddy and date are unknown.
This is Mr & Mrs Taggart having their photograph taken in their back garden, they were Anna McCabe's grandparents.
Here we are in Hall's Hotel back in 1970 for the annual Thornhill Lodge dinner for its members.
At the back from the left are Billy Williamson, T Strange, E Smith, H McDonald and J McCaig.
The middle has T Fleming, Paddy Marks, D McClure and B McVeigh.
In the front row are A Fleming, S Campbell, W Kyles and Norman McCaig.
This is the start of the 200cc Temple race near Lisburn on the 28th July 1956 and on No.19 is Sammy Millar.
My thanks to Ed Cunningham now of Ontario, Canada for this photograph.
Here we are with Tir-na-nOg Hurling Team in 1926 who were the Co. Antrim Champions.
At the back are T. Martin, A Martin, D McNaughton, J Dean, J Gallagher, H Dowd, J McCann, J Dowd and P Cunning Referee.
In the middle we have P Dornan, J Best, J Black, A Heffron, P McCann, J O'Boyle, S McKeown and T Carabine.
In front are J McNally and H Hill.
These are the pupils of Taylorstown North Primary School back in 1931 in the summer for most are wearing sandals.
Back row from the left we have W. McMulholland, Unknown, Unknown, A. McCullough, H. Montgomery, W. Jenkins, Unknown, B. McCammond & R. Gault.
Middle Row left is Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Gordon Neeson, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, J. Jenkins & W. McDowell.
Seated left, B. Rainey, J. Bates, R. Henry, D. Johnston, L.McKee, M. McCullough, S. McCarty, rest are Unknown.
Also in the seated row next to the right of the girls the young boy has no shoes. On the ground the two boys are Unknown.
Now to the left of the pupils is a motorbike and sidecar, was this used by one of the teachers or was it the photographer's?
It's now 1933 and here we have the pupils of Taylorstown North Primary getting their school photograph taken.
You can see a lot of the pupils are still at the school from two years ago and some more have joined.
In the back row are B. McCammond, W.Jenkins, H. Montgomery, P. Rainey, Nellie Shaw, R. Gault, W. Mulholland and A. McCullough.
Middle row has J. Jenkins, W. McDowell, A. Barclay, Gordon Neeson, W. Kelly, J. McKee & the rest are Unknown.
Seated are B. Rainey, T. Rainey, S. McCartney, L. McKee, M. McCullough, J. Barclay, D. Johnston, J. Bates and R. Henry.
The two lads seated on the ground are on the left J. Kennedy and on the right H. Nicholl.
As you can see, two of the lads who while well dressed they are in their bare feet, for shoes were an expensive item back then.
Some families who did buy shoes, because they were so expensive they were only worn on a Sunday to go to Church.
Proudly getting their pgotograph taken is the Tir-na-nOg Team, Antrim Junior Hurling Champions of 1960.
At the back we have S Kerr, D Letters, R Dornan, F Robb and V Dobbin. The middle has R Robinson, S Martin, H Kerr, N McKillen V Kerr and B Kerr.
Seated are B Robinson, S O'Boyle, S Martin, D Martin, R Heatley, V McVeigh and A O'Kane.
This is the Tir-na-nOg Team of 1947 getting their photograph taken.
At the back are J McNally, J Heffron, D McKeown, P McLaughlin, J O'Hara, P Shannon, T Shannon, R McGuigan, J Millar and J Logan.
In front we have H McCormack, C Close, S Letters, J P Shannon, A McCollum, J McAuley and S Martin.
When ever this local group appeared on stage Antrim folk were under no illusion who they were. Called ' The Illusions ' this is them in 1975 from the left Crawford McClintock, Jerry Caughfield, Jimmy Campbell, Liam Gillan & Brendan Gillan.
These gentlemen were the town's commissioners who looked after the well being of the town back then.
In the back row we have J. McCabe, Mr. McKay, T. Cooper and J.L. Clarke. In front are J. Carson, T. Coulter, Unknown, Unknown and J. Beggs.
They are standing outside Garron Tower Hotel which was along the Antrim Coast road about 24 miles from Larne. Now the man that took this photograph is on the extreme right in the photograph below (172) and is Unknown and so is the date.
Taken at the Royal Naval Armament Depot or locally called the Torpedo Factory on the Randalstown road we have the people who worked there in ?
At the back we have George Marcus, John Hamilton and the rest are unknown. Sitting on the landrover's roof are Gary Wilson, Unknown and Fred Currie. The 6th row are all unknown, the 5th row has Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Ronnie, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Paddy Campbell, Erskine Campbell and the rest unknown. In the 4th row Raymond Cadbury at the far right is the only person known. In the 3rd row are firstly 10 unknowns, then Harry Allen, then 15 unknowns, Arthur Evans and finally 5 unknowns.
The 2nd row has 5 unknowns, Desmond Jardine, Dessie Tuff, then 10 unknowns, Alma McCullough, Leslie McCullough, Bobby, 5 unknowns, Jimmy Blackadder and then 5 unknowns. In the front row are Mr Magee then 4 unknowns, Phyllis Burrows, Nurse Kielty, Betty Patterson, Sandy Powel, Sam McMinnen, Bill Andrews, Unknown, Ron Ludlow, Desmond Fell, Bill Mitchel, John Murdoch, Unknown, Mr Surgenor, D.Shuker, Des Whylie, Mrs Murdoch, Frances, Violet Smyth, Mrs Ludlow, Gordon McCloud, Sammy Buick, Derek Watters and Mr Blackadder.
This is the side building at the Halt in Dunadry in 1918. By the amount of tyres hanging up they must have done a good business with bicycles.
But today Bob Patterson and his brother John Patterson are working on a motorbike.

is the Halt at Dundary and was not only a petrol station but also a pub on the left and on the right a confectioners with Nellie Patterson at the door.
To get to the upstairs where they lived there was a flight a stairs either end of the building.

Here at the Folly and rearing to go on this Radge Withworth motorbike is Miss Scott. The grandfather is watching her closely and look at the horn on the bike, which meant you had to let go of one hand on the handlebars to pump it. The year is unknown.
Ah, those were the days back in 1956 when you were told summer had arrived and instead of it lasting 6 days it was usually 6 weeks or more! So here we are at number 10 Carnanmore Park on one of those summer days and enjoying not only the sun but an ice lolly. At the back in his shirt and tie is Daddy, mummy and on her knee is Helen Tomen. On the left is MrsTomen and in front are Patrica Tomen and Len.
This photograph of the Town's Commissioners was taken in 1911. Standing are I. Wallace, E. McCabe, C. McMaster (Vice-Chairman), A. McKay (Clerk).
Seated in front we have J. Nutt, R.G. Kirk G.P. (Chairman), E.C. Smith (Chemist). Edward McCabe was one of the town's butchers and was known locally as Ned. He is mentioned in Alexander Irvine's book 'The Souls of Poor Folk' with the line "Ned McCabe butchered John Conlon's pig."
This was the Children's Christmas Party in the 1950's and was held in the canteen of the Torpedo factory, the only child known at the moment is David Boyd, second boy on your left in the foreground.
Enjoying a night out at the Torpedo Factory on the Randalstown in 1954.
We have kneeling at the front Unknown then Joe Pollick, behind Joe and from the left are Annie Rankin, May Gaynor, Elsie Boyd, Eve Deneny, Ronald Luldow, Beth King, Miss King, Helen Brown, Emily Rankin and Mr. McNeill. All the people in background are unknown.
Out for a walk in 1932 along the Antrim Road at Dunadry we have Jack McCalmont, his sister Sadie McCalmont with future brother-in-law Alex Agnew.
These three lively lads leaning over the gate are Patterson Craig, Archie Campbell and Victor Ashe. They were off work for the July Holidays in 1955.
THORNHILL L.O.L. 651 486
This is Thornhill L.O.L. 651 taken at the ' Field ' the members and the year are unknown.
THORNHILL L.O.L. 651 488
Photographed at Larne we have Thornhill L.o.L. 651.
The members and the year are unknown.
This is the Scott's house in 1935 and visiting Frank Scott is baby Joan McElrea who is interested in Frank's pipe. Beside Joan is her daddy Jack McElrea and on the other side is her mummy Agnes McElrea.
What a wonderful photograph showing peace & harmoney in a home, the year is 1931, the month March and the time is 7.20am.
This is Mrs Tom Thursby who lived at number 6 Firgrove Muckamore and the house is still there!
Mrs Thursby is sitting in front of her range where all the cooking would have been done and also is keeping herself warm, this morning she is baking our favourite, soda farls on a griddle. The kettle to the left keeping the water warm for a nice cup of tea and perhaps more sodas are keeping warm in the oven.
On the left of the fireplace wall is a print of a wife in a long dress and wide sleeves, her arm is linked with her husband who is holding hands with their child. Next to it is a reading in a frame from Timothy 1:15 "Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners." Below the framed couple is another plaque with a man brushing a horse and a Bible text Psalm 32:8 "I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go." On the mantelpiece which has been trimmed with aluminium foil to the left is a china cottage, an outdoor oil lamp, then flanking either side of the clock are the Spaniel dogs. Behind the right dog is a tray and at the end is a bicuit tin on its side so Mrs Thursby can see the lady in a crinoline dress on the lid.
Here we have Joan McElrea in 1935 sitting on Mrs.Scott's Knee with her daddy Jack McElrea on her right, next to Jack is Joe Scott the bookworm.
On the left is Sam Scott with a kilt and on his lapel is a badge of a guitar, next with the shotgun is Frank Scott and the faithful dog is unknown.
This area was called the Cutts and in the background is Lough Neagh.
The river to your right is the Sixmilewater river and you can also see the Yatch club. Taken in the 1920's.
This photograph was originally a postcard and the year is unknown.
Instead of it being called ' The Cutts ' it was called ' The River Promenade', Antrim.
Who am I, does anyone know me?
Well here they are all ready to entertain the people and guaranteed to get their feet tapping we have The Melody Makers, who were at every dance venue there was.
There was not a tune or melody that they did'nt know and during the 1940's & 50's they were in great demand. Here you could dance to tunes you heard on the radio for there were no CD's or Ipod's then.
From the left at the back we have John Nutt, Jimmy McCluney, George Mahon, Billy Moore, James Clark and Les Allen.
In front we have Alfie Rowan who is playing what we called a Hawian guitar and finally on drums Robert Wylie. Alfie & Robert worked in Holywell Hospital.
John Nutt lived in the Old Court House, the reason being was his mother was the caretaker. John went on to set up his own band called "John Nutt and the Rhythm Rascals".
Here you can see the start of the Yacht club on the Sixmilewater river as it enters Lough Neagh.
The postcard is stamped: Antrim July year is unknown. To; Miss L. Walker, Co'op Society, Yelshing Dept; Anniesland, Glasgow.
Reads; Having a great time Lizzie.even better than I expected. Was away a drive on Saturday. A sail on Sunday. Going on a pic - nic today. Will give you all news when I come home. Too good to write on P.C. Jeannie.
This photograph taken from the Cutts shows you all the fishermen's boats all tied up on the banks of the Sixmilewater river. In the distance you can see the pier with most likely tourists waiting to get on one of the two pleasure boats to have a trip on Lough Neagh. The year is unknown.
Owned by D. McAuley, The Central Bar was situated in Church Street. The photo was taken in the mid 70's.
We are at a local dance hall and the band is having a break. This gives Davis Hannan who is in the band a chance to talk to his sweetheart May McQuillan. Now back then when you stated going steady a boy would buy the girl a watch, now whether this was so the girl would be on time or not I don't know. The next thing he would buy would be the engagement ring and finally the Wedding ring and this is exactly what Davis did!
Here we have three generations, from the left.Gran Annie Hamilton, Josephine Wallace with daughter Marie and finally Gran Helen McMullan in 1958.
This young chap is local man Roy Taylor along with his sister Gwen Taylor back in 1936, unfortunately when this picture was about to be taken Roy
discovered that he forgot his gloves, so someone kindly lent him a pair.
Sitting having a rest in 1957 on the Massereene Golf course before heading off to the Lough Shore are Jim Alexander,Charlie Clarke, John Kennedy,Albert Whiteside & Tommy Rainey.
In the back garden in 1937 is Jack and Agnes McElrea with their
daughter Joan who is proudly showing off the Chrysanthemum she picked.
Here we are at Ballycran with the Tir-na-nOg hurling team of 1947.
At the back from the left are P Doran, A McCollum, C Close, J McNally, D McKeown, S Letters, S McVeigh, S O'Kane and A Martin.
In the middle are Hugo McCormack, Harry McCormack, S Martin, H McCollum and A McVeigh.
At the front are P O'kane, R McGuigan, J Heffron, H Shannon and J O'Boyle.
- - - - These gentlemen were Antrim town's commissioners who looked after the well being of the town back then. - - -- In the back row we have J. McCabe, Mr. McKay, T. Cooper and J.L. Clarke. In front are J. Carson, T. Coulter, Unknown, Unknown and Unknown.
They are standing outside Garron Tower Hotel which was along the Antrim Coast road about 24 miles from Larne. Now the man that took this photograph is J.Beggs, far right in the photograph above (1414) and the date is unknown.
Beachcombing on the banks of the Sixmilewater river is an old man and three boys in 1907,
The postcard is stamped Jan 1908. To Miss Corry, Donacloney, Lurgan.
Reads: My Dear Ruby, I wish you could come and see Antrim it is a lovely place. I hope you had a merry Xmas.
Love and kisses to Annie, Lily Aggie and yourself. XXX Milly.
This is Mr & Mrs Taggart having their photograph taken in their back garden, they were Anna McCabe's grandparents.
This photograph was taken in 1911 and this area of the Sixmilewater river was known as ' The Cutts ' or ' Corrigan's Cutts ' .
The Corrigans who operated the boats came from the Randalstown Road. Close to this spot out on the Lough Kay Don practised with his speedboat "Miss England" before making an attempt on the waterspeed record in 1931.