OLD BLEACH LINEN Co. Ltd. --1383
Photographed here in 1910 the Old Bleach factory had already been going 36 years which was owned by Charles James Web a Quaker whose family came from Dublin. Originally a cotton mill the linen produced here became famous through out the world and that was some achievement back then for their linen ended up on the Cunard liners and even graced the tables of Royal Palaces. On right of the photograph up on the hill I have been told was the manager's house. A far cry from the women walking down the lane to her cottage on the left and being thankful that the wind was blowing the chimney smoke and soot away from her washing out on the line in the back yard next the river Maine.

OLD BLEACH LINEN Co. Ltd. --1384
Always ready to keep the wheels of the Old Bleach factory turning smoothly are the Maintenance men and as you can see they are all set to go in 1905.
From the left we have T. Campbell with an oil can, W. Sloan with what looks like a chisel over his shoulder, J. Gourley has a file in his hand, W. Reid with a spanner of some description, his dad C. Reid has a shuttle, J. McCullough has a shifting spanner and finally kneeling is E. Straitt with a small hammer.
If the description of the tools are not correct , please let me know.
OLD BLEACH LINEN Co. Ltd. --1231
This is inside the Old Beach Mill but what the department is I do not know.
The two gentlemen look to be managers and it must have been taken during a lunch hour or after work for the machinery is at a standstill.
The photo was taken in June 1937 for the posters show the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.
OLD BLEACH LINEN Co. Ltd. --2272
Many local Randalstown folk will reconize this famous outline for many a morning
they would have trudged towards it for it was their place of work.
That is the Old Bleach Mill and a lot of people I have spoke to remember the place fondly.
OFF TO WORK --2353
Here we are outside Randalstown around 6.30 in the morning in 1953.
Sitting on the bridge wall in foreground is a man relaxing while the people walking past him cannot. For these people are making their way to the local factory to start a day's work. Going over the brow of the bridge is a heavy laden cart heading to the town to deliver its goods and I'm sure the horse will be glad also.
OLD BLEACH LINEN Co. Ltd. --2519
Here we are in the Exhibition and Sales room of the Old Bleach Mill in Randalstown in the 60's.
The visitors with the Company Director Charles Webb had come all the way from the other side of the world. They are The All Blacks Kiwi Rugby team.
OLD BLEACH LINEN Co. Ltd. --2515
This is a big day for the Old Bleach Mill at Randalstown for today they were having an official Royal visit by Princess Alexander.
Here the Princess is examining the hand painted linen at a process stage in the steam section with Ivor Reynolds who is explaining the colour fixation technique.
OLD BLEACH LINEN Co. Ltd. --2516
Explaining each stage of the hand painting of the Linen to Princess Alexander is Ivor Reynolds, Company Chief Chemist and Manager of the Bleaching, Dyeing and Finishing in the studio. To the left looking on is G Byres the Company Secretary and on the right J Moore the General Manager.
During the Royal visit to the Old Bleach Mill in Randalstown Princess Alexander is shown an exhibition on the first floor. Here the Princess is having explained to her all the different stages of the linen production in the Colouring and Bleaching departments by Ivor Reynolds.
On her right is the General Manager Joe Moore and in the background is G Byres the Company Secretary.
OLD BLEACH LINEN Co. Ltd. --2823
Here at the Old Bleach in 1961 are having their photograph taken to celebrate something which at the moment I do not know.
At the back we have Mr Lyttle, Jim Richardson, Morris McBurney, Wilbert Selfridge, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown and Trevor Bell.
On the far left is Bob Logan, Unknown, Eta McKeown, Mrs Greg, Unknown, Unknown, Martha Dobbin, Mrs Crawford, the Boss Willie McFarland, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Trevor Clarke and the rest are Unknown unless you know differently.
OLD BLEACH LINEN Co. Ltd.-- 2840
On the right in the packaging department of the Old Bleach Linen Co. Ltd. Is Joy Clarke.
Joy is being shown how to package the linen table cloths and linen napkins by her supervisor Molly McMullan.
Here you can see the parade marching down Main Street in Randalstown.
Look at the style of the dresses on the two young girls in the road and then the ladies over to your right puts the year to around 1910.
The building behind the three ladies is the Ulster Bank, then McKeown's, the Post Office and then Laverty's thatched Pub.
Standing in front of the Bridal car in 1963 on the left is the Best Man who is unknown then the Bridesmaid Mona Letters and finally the Groom Micky Joe O'Boyle.
Wait a minute where is his bride Dorothy O'Boyle nee Letters? hopefully she is waiting patiently in the car to go on Honeymoon.
Out for a walk on a summer's evening and stooped for a photograph we have at the back Jean and Phylis McCaughey.
Then we have Aunt Maggie Margaret and Sheen McCaughey. At the front are Pamela, Aubrey and Moreen McCaughey.
All set for church on Sunday morning is Sharon Butterfield with her bible.
Also going with her is her Granny and Aunt Moreen.
This was taken at Bangor in August 1958 when the guys form Old Bleach Hockey Club Randalstown were playing in a six-a-side tournament.
At the back we have Victor Fulton, Jackson Speedie and Brian Bonar and kneeling are Guy Cullen, Hall Fleming and Dessie Bonar.
It is April 1956 and this great bunch of lads are from the Old Bleach Hockey Club.
Standing at the back fom left are Jackson Speedie, Desmond Millar, Norman Brown Billy Ludlow and Guy Cullen.
In front we have Davy Warwick, Sammy Hannan, Nat Drennan, Hall Fleming Tommy Lynch and Dessie Bonar.
Behind the lads to the right is part of the Old Bleach factory and the house up on the hill was owned by Alex McIlroy who was a manager in the factory.
This is right mixed bunch in more ways than one in 1947 of the lads and lassies of the Old Bleach Hockey Club.
The lads are Bertie Ewart, Hall Fleming, Bill Hooper, Sammy Cullen, Sammy Ewart and Unknown.
The lassies are Margaret Robinson, Mrs Wilson, Hilda Graham, Margaret Neill and M.A.Bonar.
It is the 1st October 1956 and getting their photograph taken before playing Ballymena in the Intermediate League at Randalstown is the Old Bleach Hockey Team.
At the back we have Alfie Speedie, Tommy Lynch Sammy Hannan, Willie Ludlow, Jackson Speedie, Nat Drennan, Ivan Hamilton and Willie Cullen.
Seated in front are Hall Fleming, Davy Warwick, Norman Brown, Dessie Bonar and Guy Cullen.
Getting their photograph taken at the side of the pitch in 1943 these ladies belong to Old Bleach Ladies Hockey Club. Although judging by their attire they are not going to play a game. Standing we have Heather Webb, Elizabeth McNeice, Lily Bates, Florrie Walker, Maureen McNally and Willie Cullen.
Kneeling are Nan Nicholl, Katie Glancy, May Mawhinney and M.A.Bonar. On the ground we have Lila McKitterick, Janet Webb and Netta Conway.
Here we are outside Neillsbrook Hall in October 1955 where the Old Bleach Ladies Hockey Team are getting their photograph taken.
Standing we have H.Davidson, E.Mulholland, M.McNally. Miss Heather Webb, M.McCaughey, E.Quigley and June Speedie.
Seated: M.A.Bonar, K.Mawhinney, D.Graham, J.McCaughey and Patsy Gaynor.
Miss Heather Webb was the Founder member of the club and her family owned the Old Bleach Factory in Randalstown.
Here we have in 1971 the Old Bleach Tennis Club at Randalstown.
Standing at the back from left are Wlaker Rainey Trevor Herbison, Eric Spiers, John Stewart, Dessie Bonar and Alan Mc Crum.
Ladies seated are Rosemary Stewart, Mary Hurrell , Jane Bell, Helen Jackson, Karen Mitchell and June Speedie.
It's the 12th July and here in the grounds of Shane's Castle they are having an Orange demonstration.
The photographer A.G. Massey had come all the way from Armagh to capture the event. Here and there throughout the photograph you will see people blurred or like ghosts just faint outlines, this was because back then everyone had to stand perfectly still for about 5 minutes.
In the background people are having picnics and all manner of people were there, you can see the working class men, there are men there with straw boaters, Top hats and quite a lot wearing bow ties, see if can spot the policeman. The ladies are all dressed in their crinoline dresses. The year that it was taken, 1876 that is a 135 years ago!
This is Old Bleach Hockey Club in 1963 getting their photograph taken in the nets, usually that's where they like the ball to be on the opposing side.
Going by the expressions on their faces it can't be too warm, so shivering in the back are Charlie Stewart, Michael Webb, George McMullan, Albert Anderson & Jackson Speedie. Front with brave smiles are Tommy Lynch, Tom Ewart, Brian Bonar, Brian Gordon, Dessie Bonar & Victor Fulton.
This is the Old Bleach Tennis club at the moment the year is unknown.
The only person known is seated 2nd from the right Rebbeca Hume.
The year is 1939 and this is the Winding Room Department.
B.Row: Unknown, Lily Davis, Ina Rainey, unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Clotworthy, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown and Unknown.
M.Row: All unknown except for last on the right Mary Ewart.
F.Row: The only two known are 2nd from the left, Mary Murray and the Boss in the middle Hiram Rainey.
These are some of the members of the Old Bleach Tennis Club having their photograph taken. The year is unknown and so are a lot of the people but are the few that have been identified for me. 3rd from the left at the back is Robert Millar, 5th is Herbie Cameron and 9th is Jackson Speedy. In the front row are 4th from the left Lily, 6th is a McComb and finally 7th is Wendy McComb.
This is the Old Bleach Linen mill in Randalstown and as you can see they have a royal visitor. It is Princess Alexandra and she is examining the hand painted linen that the unknown girl is explaining how she does it. The man behind the Princess is unknown but the other man is the manager Alex McIlroy.
OLD BLEACH LINEN Co. Ltd.-- 1236
Taken at the Old Bleach factory in Randalstown on the 2nd December 1946.
The event was the resetting of the Target Indicator by the then Northern Ireland Prime Minster Basil Brooke who is the gentleman to the right. Amongst the ladies here are a couple of Wood sisters but the rest are unknown at the moment.
Taken in the late 1930's outside the Old Bleach Linen Mill we have a group of young ladies. They're from the Making Up Department and from the left we have Margaret McIlvenna, Lily King, Aggie Boyd, Elsie McIlvenna, Rebecca Hanna and Unknown.
These are the lads of Old Bleach Hockey Club in Randalstown and they are getting their photograph taken outside Neillsbrook Hall in 1948.
In the back are Harry Ewart, Nat Drennan, Jim Kilpatrick, Hector McConaghie, Paddy McLaughlin, Willie Wallace and George Wilson.
Seated in front we have Billy McMullan, Ivor Wilson, Bobby McKittrick, Robert Boyd, Dessie Bonar, Georgie Boyd and Davis Fleming.
Well it's June 1953 and the Old Bleach factory were they make carpets is getting ready to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.
... . ..At the back on the left we have Tweedie McFarland, David Logan, Melvin Hill, Jim Wilson, Jimmy Hamill, Bertie Scott, Drew Fleming, Billy Mawhinney, John McKay, Harry Foster, Harry French, Jim Cunningham, Norman Porter, Willie Houston Harry Robb, Hughie Hamill, . .Johnny Mullan, Jim McCord, John Fitzpatrick and Alex McIlroy (jun) the factory manager. Next row Johnny givens, Gladys McBurney, Kathleen Black, Ronnie Mercer, Helen Magill, Wilson Archer, Teresa Smith, Jim Dickey, Sandra Holmes, Jim Archer, Charlotte Hyndman, Alex Martin, May Foster, Harry McFall, Charlotte Patterson, Tommy Lowery, Bob Logan, May O'Kane, Noel Woods, Tillie Hamilton, Mavis Neill, Mrs. Hamilton, Samuel J. Logan, and George McBurney.
Front row has Joan Parker, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Percy, Kathleen Davis, Minnie Logan, Jean Foster, Jean McBurney, Matty McNally, Lily Gillespie, Margaret McIlroy and Roberta Roberts.
Kneeling on the floor are Alfie Kirkwood, Bobby Weir, Cyril Scott, Uel Foster, Neville Bell, Harry Robb (jun), and Joe Young.
All smiles after passing their Teacher training course are these employees from the Old Bleach Linen Mill.
Seated in the front is Willie McFarland M.D. at the back is Graham McDowell and 3rd from the right is Joy Clarke.