Looking at the state of the clothes these boys and girls have been having a great time at Kemmil Hill where the ex-servicemen houses were built for the
World War one Veterans. I wonder if they were chasing the chickens in the background? No I don't think that Addie and Molly woods would do that !
It is 1941 and here are the unstoppable Kickham's G.A.C. team from Creggan, Randalstown.
That year they won the McCotter Cup, the McCormick Cup and the South West League Championship of 1940 - 1941.
At the back are B. McKeown, P. McKeown, W. Montague, D. McCann, J. Douglas, S. Byrne, P. Maguire and E. McKeown.
Seated are J. McKeown, J. McAteer, T. McCudden, J. Marrion, B. McKeown, J. McKeown and H. McCudden.
On the ground we have G. McAteer and J. Hurl. One mother had a lot of washing to do and that was Mrs. McKeown!!
This thatched cottage was at Kemmil Hill at Randalstown and it was here that Jim Brown lived.
The bike was probable Jim's and the bucket at the door most likely used to bring the water, remember no running water then.
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