This class of 1949 pupils are from Ballymena Model School but as usual a lot came from Antrim as well.
Up at the back we have Tom Reynolds, David McKillen, Harold Dickey, George Campbell, Tom Irwin, John McMillan, Wilfred McVeigh and Ivor Lennox.
. . Next row has Sammy Marcus, Unknown, Jack Robinson, Jim Barr, Dennis Hogg, Sam Murray, Gerald Alexander and Ivor McDowell. Now for the girls Miss Dunlop, June Carson, Betty Adams, Jeanette Lowery, Nan Gardiner, Lila McCory, Noreen Jenkins, Betty McBride, Yvonne McClurg and Rita ?.
Then seated are Margaret Nesbitt, Kathleen McCurdy, Nan Weir, Rosemary Steele, Ann Hilton, Maureen Whylie and Gwyneth Erwin.
This is the Braidwater Spinning Mill in Ballymena, the year is unknown.
Broadway in Ballymena with the Northen Bank in the background.
The year is 1941 and this was a postcard.

This is back of the above postcard. It reads as follows:

xx for John xx for Daddy

Dear Mammy xx I am having a good time, and I am not thinking long. I hope you are all well. With love Elsie.

Here's a scene that is now long gone, the Braidwater Spinning Mill.
The year this photograph was taken is unknown but it was taken at 3 pm according to the clock on the wall.

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Standing in front of their Lanscaster bomber being photographed during World War II.
Sadly all I know is what was on the back of the photograph "Billy's Crew".
This is Ballymena Academy in the 1960's and these poor lads are going to be doing the dredded P.E. As you can see the teacher has just laid down the mat for them to start jumping over the 'Horse'.

This is Ballymena Academy Prefects 1959/60 having their photograph taken, now this was in the days before there was an Antrim Grammar school.
So you will see the quite a number of the pupils are from the Antrim - Randalstown Area.
Now we will start at the back from the left E McKillen, E Bell, Unknown, G Simpson, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, M Livingston, J Crawford, B Turtle and B Gaston.
The 3rd row has M Greer, M McClelland, M Johnston, Unknown, Unknown, Elizabeth (Libby) Wier, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, P Catherwood, Unknown and M Kirpatrick.
The 2nd row has U Matthews, L McCaughey, J Simpson, JJL Francey, A Jack, J Edmundson, R Craig, Unknown, R McCosh, Unknown, Unknown, R Dickey, M Cairns and R Harris.
The front consists of Unknown, T Speers, B Gawn, M Bones, G Jackson, Mr Preston, Mr Mol, Miss Kyle, J Gaston, Unknown, Unkown, D Montgomery and S Coulter.
Finally the two inserts are of A McAteer and H Marcus who became a well known butcher in Antrim.

Now Elizabeth Wier along with her brother Michael Wier lived in Muckamore from about 1956 to 1960 and Michael went to the primary school on the Aldergrove road, and their father Mr. Weir was the chief test pilot at RAF Aldergrove. Our surname is spelt Wier, rather than Weir, because it is a contraction of a Polish surname. Mr Wier arrived in England in 1940, and served in the Polish Air Force during the war, then got a commission to the RAF later. He's still going at 96 years old!
The helping of turning an Unknown into a person called Elizabeth (Libby) Weir and the above in blue information above about Elizabeth, her Brother and their father was kindly given to me by the brother Michael Weir with grateful thanks.

It's seven minutes to twelve and this is the Town Hall in Ballymena in the 60's.
Down at Carnlough for summer camp in July of 1946 we have 3rd Ballymena Boys Brigade Company.
It's a Sunday morning and they are just ready to march off to church, at the moment no one is known in the photograph.
Looking after their baby sister Marnie at their home called "Lynwood" on the Old Cullybacky Road in October 1939 we have standing at the back Cedric, in front is his older brother Liam Blackbourne who is holding tight to his toy racing car.
Getting their photograph taken on the steps of their home on the Old Cullybackey Road in April 1939.
We have William Samuel Blackbourne and his brother George Cedric Blackbourne.
It's nearly 11.35am in 1957 and these are the Prefects of Ballymena Academy School getting their photograph taken with the Principal Willie Moll.
In the front row 2nd from the left is Master McKinney who became an estate agent and 9th along is James Irvine who also became an estate agent.
Next to him is his sister Miss Irvine, now in the back row centre is Tom Nicholl who became a teacher.
The following names were on the back of the photograph: James McKeown, R. Anderson, Alye Rankin, A. Chambers, Wallace Allen and James S. Kirk.
Out for an evening walk we have the Blackbourne family getting their photograph taken in August 1941.
To the left and nearly out of the picture is Granny Mary Blackbourne, then her son William with his wife Annie.
In front on the left are the children Marnie, then Cedric, Doris and finally Liam.
Here we are in Ballymena town at the Broadway in the 60's and you can see Wellington Street and on the left Church Street.
Here is a photo of pupils and teachers at Upper Buckna Primary School in 1957 that was four miles east of Broughshane.
At the back from the left we have Miss Agnes Montgomery, Charlie Davison, Drew Davison, Raymond Davison, Andy McKillop, Robert Gibson, Paddy McKendry, Raymond Moore and Mrs Boyle.
In the 3rd row are Moyna McCullough, Anna Kennedy, Mary Smith, Elizabeth Wallace, Jean Davison, Elsie Dickey, Maureen Mills, Margaret Davison, Betty Bamber and Hazel Bamber.
The second row has Hugh Gibson, Margaret McKendry, Clara Gibson, Josephine Graham, Nartha Davison and Willie John Moore.
Seated are Cecil Dickey, John Gibson, Donny Robinson, Drea Robinson, Robert Davison, Moira Davison, James Moore, Billy Mills and James Kennedy.
Sadly the School is no longer in use. Buckna's meaning in Irish is Hilly.
Here we are at Buckna Primary School back in 1950 and all the pupils are having their annual school photograph taken.
At the Back from the Left are Jim Mills, Stanley Davison, Kenneth McMullan, Alex McMaster, Robert Moore, Sammy Moore, Maurice McMullan, Willie Moore, Andy Dickey and Jamie Graham.
In the 3rd row we have Jack Robinson, Moira O'Neill, Betty Graham, Mary Gibson, Elizabeth Moore, Dinah Aiken, Helen Montgomery, Margaret Robinson, Bertha Gibson and Gordon Smyth.
The 2nd row has Sam McMaster, Bertie Kennedy, Mary Boyle, Jean Davison, Elsie Dickey, Sally Davison, Rosemary Graham, Mary Wallace, Maureen Mills and Paddy McKendry.
Seated on the ground cross-legged are Joe Smyth, Felix McKendry, Ian Dickey, Andy Mills, Joe Adams, Albert Davison, Sam Wallace and Brian O'Neill.
Here we are in Ballymena in the early 1900's and as you can see no motor vehicles only horses so the road sweeper was a lot of work to do. Heading up the hill is a pony and trap passing a lovely big cart horse pulling a large cart while halfway up the road a little boy is running across the road. Over to the left the second door up has a plaque outside it, so it could be the local doctor - dentist or solicitor. Right opposite is a young boy who must have spotted the photographer for he is staring straight at them.
This is Braidwater Spinning Mill and all is quiet the chimney stacks are not smoking although steam is coming out of a vent.
The reason it is quiet is that the shift has finished work because it is twenty past six in the evening.
Here on the Ballymena Road in Ballymena in 1910 there is not too much traffic about only one car outside the churches.
Now it can't have been a Sunday for people back then walked to their places of worship even if it was a mile away!
The church on the right is unknown but the one of the left is is West Church.