Out for a refreshing walk in the park but taking a break for a rest is this unknown couple. It's the early 1900's and as you can see men's attitude towards the ladies has not changed yet. He's seated having a rest with a pomeranian dog on his knee while the lady stands next to him and she's even using a walking stick!

Sitting resting are these three couples back in 1914, now I know you will saying there are only five people in the photograph, but someone had to take it, but someone had to take it and I say it was a fellow. Not only are the ladies nicely dressed fashion-wise but so are the young men with their Straw hats which were the in thing from 1880 to 1920. The straw hats were also known as the Sailor, the Sennit and the Skimmer. They could also be made from the stalks of Wheat, Rye and Oats. Now the names of the young people are Unknown.
These two ladies posing for their studio photograph with their stylish skirts are at the moment unknown unless you know better, so let me know if you do.
In this class photograph all the pupils have come to school dressed in their very best so when the mums and dads is the photograph they will be proud.
The year of the photograph and pupils is sadly unknown but we can still bring it to life a bit. For to me it looks like it is the first time for some of them.
The first girl in the back row could possibly saying to the next girl "Has he taken it yet?" We move on to the first boy who has his lips shut tight while the boy next to him is standing slightly to the side in his sailor suit. In the next row the second boy is very apprehensive and is looking nervously at someone to the left behind the camera as if to say "Is it over yet?" While the boy at the end with the big lace collar is looking so downcast.
Seated the first girl is looking at the camera is not too happy for she has a pout on and the second girl from the end looks like she is ready to burst into tears.
The next two on her right are BOYS! You can tell by not only their short hair but by the way they are sitting, no girls sit with their legs wide apart but boys do. For back then I do not know why but it was a common practice for boys to be dressed as girls and I know this was still doing into the early 1940's. How do I know that? Well at the top of the Down Memory Lane page in the Antrim Guardian the little girl with the rattle you see every week, that's me at 18 months old! (Now Finished)
This studio photograph of a father, mother and two sons who have taken the time and effort to be smartly are sadly all unknown.
I presume this is a husband and wife who are having their photograph taken in a studio.
The husband must be one of the in crowd with his pinstripe trousers with a plain jacket with a snazzy waistcoat showing his watch chain. The wife has such a lovely face, she could be a new 'Mona Lisa'. Her hat, Muff and collar are made of Virgin Persian wool which brings back memories.
My mother had a coat made of Virgin Persian wool that she only used for Weddings, Funerals and traveling to England. When 'Patch' our cocker spaniel saw my mother with this coat he would start howling. Now the feathers in her hat brings back another memory, I had been to the pictures at the 'Troxy' which was at Fortwilliam and seen a cowboy film so when we came home we played Cowboys and Indians. I was an Indian and had a bow and arrows but my arrows did not have feathers in them until I remembered my mother had a hat with feathers in it and so my arrows had now got feathers. It was a few weeks later and my mum was going somewhere when she came down the stairs screaming my name. As you can imagine my hands and bum were sore the rest of that day.
This serene looking lady in this studio photograph taken in the 1920's is at the moment unknown. She wearing a Linen blouse with a crocheted calico centre section and her neck band is also crocheted in great detail.
Here in the 1920's this unknown couple are having their photograph taken, Are they married, just engaged or has he got a promotion in work? Hopefully someone will reconize the couple and it won't be unknown. So get out your old photos and get the answers on the back of them so they don't become like this couple Unknown.
This lovely young lady having her photograph is sadly unknown and yet she must be from the upperclass the way her hair is done and beautifully hand
made blouse. Back then you could get the studio to make postcards of your photograph and then send them off to your friends and family.
Here is what was written on the back on the 20th April 1912 - High Cross which is in Donaghmore.
I thought you might like this, send it wishing you very many Happy Returns of your birthday. I wish it was without the "O" ! Isn't it appalling to think of it. Grandpapa is better tell Grandmama.
This is a studio photograph first one I have seen with people not looking at the camera, this looks like the late 40's and I've just noticed the young man has a UVF badge in his lapel.
This young man having his photograph taken in a studio seems to come from a well off family by the style of his clothes, his socks are held up by a button.
Standing quite relaxing with a great big smile on his face and seems to be enjoying himself having his photograph taken in a studio.
Look at those shoes they are patent and his outfit is a shirt and trousers which are attached to the shirt with buttons. I wish I could put a name to that smile.
This young lady seems to be a bit apprehensive looking at the camera with her laced up boots, leather gloves and a mink stole while on her head is a hat straight out of a Harry Potter film. Sad to say she remains Unknown unless you know better.
This smartly dressed man in a uniform is sadly Unknown and so is his uniform with his neat leather gloves. Perhaps he was a tram driver or perhaps you might know better, if you do please let me know after him going to all the bother of going to photographic studio to have this beautiful photographic taken. His buttons have a flag with the number 8 in the middle of the flag. His cap badge design is hard to make out but in the middle of it is the letters SS.
Once more you have to put your thinking caps on for I have no information on the photograph. To me it seems to be a boarding school and these are the Masters having their photograph taken and by the look on their faces I would'nt like to be in their classes. Now if I'm wrong please let me know with all the correct details.
Playing in their front garden and looking like they are having great fun are at the moment Unknown but as they came out of an Antrim photo album you might know them or even recognize yourself. If you do please let me know so I can put the names to the faces.
This lovely girl has just had her school photo taken but sadly I do not know who she is or when it was taken.
She could possibly be a Fleming or a Millar.
Here we are in L. Atelier's photographic studio's at 2 Main Street Portrush.The lady in question is sadly unknown but I don't think the cane and hat are her's. Although taken in the early 1900's fashion comes and goes for on her wrist she is wearing beaded braclets.
This lovely girl in the portrait could possibly be either a Fleming or a Millar taken in the early 1900's.
Here she sits with that Mona Lisa smile and well manicured hairstyle. Dressed in white linen with a pleated collar and a bow beneath it. Perhaps someone can breath life into the photograph.
Could this lady who is unkown be either a Fleming or a Millar, if you know please let me know. As we can see, she is un-married. Now is it possible that this our Mona Lisa later in life?
This is one of the many posters back in 1952 that were put up around Antrim by the hotels in the town. This one is from the Massereene Arms Hotel which was in High Street in the town of Antrim. One of the many main staying places in northern Ireland for families and lads and lassies from Lancashire who worked in the cotton mills and came here in the hundreds. It is hard to believe they came every August and then went off on many the many tours and visited many places here in Antrim and even today there is a lot to see here in Antrim.
This young lady is unknown in this studio photograph but was taken in the early 1900's. It is possible that she is a Fleming from Antrim.
Sadly these two young soldiers names are unknown but thought to be either Fleming or Millar. The photograph was taken during the First World War and that they were in the Royal Irish Rifles but which battalion is unknown.
This lovely studio photograph of a mother and her children is sadly a mystery not only to myself but to the lady that loaned it to me. Those angelic looking faces with one proudly holding on to her mother's arm while the other is holding her story book with a tiger on the front of it. They could possibly be connected to either the Flemings or Millars, let's hope we can name them and bring the photograph back to life.
This Unknown young soldier looking very with his bandolier and spurs let us know that he was in the 8th Kings Royal Hussars.
Isn't this a lovely little girl wearing a bonnet, with those dark eyes and neat smile. It seems she has a quilted skirt with a lovely laced at the front dress covered in little stars and the her pumps and white socks. It was too good a photograph not to do But once more she is Unknown, now if you know her please let me know and I will send you a copy without the watermark.
This soldier who is unknown to me at the moment has been at the front and is now taking a rest, he is in the 4th - 7th Dragoon Guards.
Now this is the same man as above, this is the first time I have ever had two studio photographs taken on the same day of the same person and still unknown. In this one they have made him open his jacket and you can see his key chain and only part of his fob, that's a pity for it might have been his retirement watch and the fob could have told us where he worked. Sadly like the man both will remain a mystery unless you know better.
This man who is well dressed and wearing a three piece suit is Unknown.
This football team is having their photograph taken before the match as their kit is clean. Looking at their faces you can't but wonder what they are thinking, are they going to win the game? We will never know for sadly their names and the name of the team at this time we don't know either.
Help me find out who this football team is along with the manager and trainor. They deserve to be named after all they won the prestigious Steel & Sons Cup.
Please let me know so we can bring this team back to life and I will send you a copy of the photo without the watermark.
These two little girls are standing beside a small garden with flowers at the back and flowers in the small wall. It could be their Secret Garden for at the moment so are their names, now if you know them please let me know also can anyone tell me what the crossed sticks and cans are used for?
This smartly turned out Boys Brigade troop with their Leaders and Minster in the photograph are all Unknown.
Now some of the boys have not yet got their uniforms but are still smartly dressed and right in the middle on the ground is the youngest BB boy I have seen.
Once again I ask you to put on your thinking caps and help me out with this photograph for the Mother and Daughter are unknown. But is was such a lovely photograph taken in a studio it would be a shame not to see it. They seem to be well off according to the attire the daughter's has a pearl necklace on,the mother is wearing lovely lace high collar and around it is a gold necklacea nd at the middle are two round circle surrounded by what looks pearls and attached to them is a long pearl pendant.Also around her is a gold necklace whick goes right down I would say when she is standing up and on her wrist a gold braclet. You can tell also the blouse is starched by the sharp creases.
Once more a couple having their photograph taken in a studio are unknown, it's so sad for families who I'm sure would love to have had the photograph also. I can say that the couple are engaged for she has a ring on her finger or perhaps married and he is a 'North Irish Horse Soldier'.
This pair who have gone into the studio to have their photograph taken are sady unknown as nothing was written on the back, I would say they could be going steady,engaged or even married. I reckon they've gone get the photograph taken is because he has been given his marchin orders, look at his eyes they bright and eager and ready to go, God help him. While her's are so sad wondering will she see him again, even so she has dressed up nicely in a nice dress and a broach with the name Millicent on it with a silk collar with embroidered flowers on it, finished off with lipstick so she would look nice for him when he looked at the photograph.
What a young looking sergant but in war time you could move up the ranks fast as others sacrficed their lives for their country in WWI.
Taken in a studio I cannot tell what regiment he was in or his name, you can only hope he came home safely to his loved ones.
If you do know who it is please let me know and I will send you a copy without a watermark.
Sadly I know very little about this Sergant Serviceman except his name was Johnny, and what he wrote on the photograph let's us know he's from God's Green Country.
" T 'is here we are Johnny."
One more we have a soldier sitting in a studio getting his photograph taken for his loved ones who sadly have not written his name on the back. This happens so often with old photographs, the old person knows who they are but when they go home the younger generation do not. Please get your parents and grandparents to tell you who they are and write it on the back so the family history can continue to be known.
If you do know who it is please let me know and I will send you a copy without a watermark.
Well it's 1974 and this is the unstoppable Ulster Bar football team for they have just comleted the "Double" in the Antrim and District summer League when they won the Trainor Cup 3-1 against Sky Blues at Belmont Park. They had already won the McKittrick Cup for the league competition and the first team since the league started to win both trophies.
The Ulster Bar team back then were then managed by Harry Trainor whose brother Robin was a former Irish Amateur Internatioal and became the mamager of Ballyclare Comrades.
Now I have a few of team's names but where they are in the photograph I do not know, so perhaps some reader can help me out and possible give me the names of the other team players and also their Christain names please.
The names I have are as follows: S Trainor, R Steele, R Kilpatrick, J Leitch, R Fletcher, A Burns and finally D lef.
These two ladies must have been together getting their photographs taken. Take a look at the chair they are sitting on.