PALS 3086
Here in Riverside at Belmont Park on a warm summer's day and in the background you can see the towering spire of All Saints' Parish Church.
Gathered in a front garden for a game of football are At the back on the left is Kenny Grey and possibly his brother whose name escapes me at the moment.
Over to the left on his own is Billy Butcher with his cousin Grace Ann O'Neill getting a piggy-back.
In front of Billy is his sister Christine Butcher, then Sylvia Grey, Gerard Butcher and Arthur Butcher.

This photograph taken in 1941 shows on the left Police Station and then the Barbican Gate.
If you look at the top of one of the towers you will see the Air Raid Warning Siren, remember WWII was raging on in Europe and the year before we had to evacuate what troops we could from Dunkirk. Above the gate is where the Gatekeeper lived with his family until 1952.

FUN DAY 3112
It's a Fun Day down here in Belmont Park and some of the children have dressed up for the occasions.
At the back on the left we have Audrey Whiteside, Mary Rankin, Gerard Butcher, Unknown and Unknown.
In the middle row are Mandy Whiteside, Arthur Butcher, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Jean Knox and Christine Butcher..
In front are Miss Whiteside, Sydney Grey, Nicky Wilson, Unknown, James Wilson, Kathryn Wilson and slightly hidden is Cyril Wilson.
Here in their back garden in Belmont Park we have on the right Christine Butcher with her best friend Kathyrn Wilson and in the background Cyril Wilson.
The girls have on their Feis dresses to go to Céilí dances, Feis is Irish and means "Festival"
60's 3114
There is no mistaking when this photo was taken, the 60's.
With his Elvis Presley Hairstyle, the suit and of course the pencil tie, definitely Vincent Gould is the man.
Next to Vincent with her Bouffant Hair, heavily massacred Dusty Springfield eyes and the black and white slim dress, Ann McMaster is living the dream.
Down in Belmont Park this married is none other then Tommy and Grace O'Neill whileTommy looks like he is still a Rocker at heart.
Standing at the back with his tongue out in a jolly way is Gerard Butcher, in front on the left all dressed up is Christine Butcher, then Nicky Wilson, who seems to be thinking 'Why has she her arm round me', Arthur Butcher, Katherine Wilson and James Wilson,
The reason Christine is all dressed up and looking so proud is that this was Christine's Confirmation.
Here in the front garden at Belmount Park which was in Riverside everyone is all smiles for the camera or because it is a sunny day. At the back on the left is Nellie Tosh, then Lizzie McMaster, Kathleen Butcher, Cyril Wilson, Emma Wilson, Grace O'Neill, Arthur Butcher and in his arms Grace Ann O'Neill.
Middle row consists of Audrey Whiteside, Christine Butcher, Jean Knox, Kathryn Wilson, Valerie Wilson, Nicky Wilson, May Rankin, Unknown, Arthur Butcher Jnr and Reba McMaster.
In the front row are Unknown, Unknown, James Wilson and Mandy Whiteside.
This is part of the Butcher family standing at the front gate with the family home in the background which was in O'Neill Park, Randalstown.
On the left holding her baby brother Benny is Christine Butcher and next to her is Christine's daddy Arthur Butcher.
When this photograph was taken Arthur was either home from work or it was the weekend, the reason being he his not wearing a collar. Back then collars were separate from the shirt and and were held on by a stud at the back and front, I can remember my mum starching my dad's collars to make them stiff.
Here sitting at the table enjoying a social night out we have John and Betty Blair, Lily Carnworth, the other lady is unknown and David Dogger Laughlin.
It's July 1972 and this is Mae Brooks nee Ritchie from Firfields with her husband Barry Brooks who had to come from England to capture Mae's heart.
They are on their Honeymoon having got married back in Antrim on the 1st July 1972.
The photograph may be from the past but so are the pigeons for they are no more.
Here we have Elsie with William Brooks who she later in life married.
Stopped outside a cathedral and disembarking from the charabanc are the members of Ballycraigy Congregational Church and two of the men are in plus 4's.
At the moment none of them are known but the man with the big white beard might be recognisable.
The weather must not have been very good for the charabanc's roof can rool back. When you went out for a run in one of these vehicles you were gone for a full day, the reason being back in the 1920's when this photograph was taken the maxium speed was between 15 and 20 miles an hour!