Here you are looking from the top of High Street from the Old Court House to the bottom where High Street Presbytrian Church with it's spire and just look at the amount of the trees there are, the photograph was taken in late 1930s. Over the right you can see a large amount of car outside Halls Hotel, it must be lunch time in the town for there is not one person to be seen on the street. Now over to the left you can see the barrel and part of the wheel of a small captured German WWW1 field gun that was given to town along with another one that stood at the top of Fountain Street. They were given to the town in celebration of winning the first WWW1. Sadly in the WWII they were melted down to make weapons as metal as scarce.
Now behind the gun is another large wheel which has a railings at the back and sides of it with no railing at the front of it. This was to give you access to it for it was the town's water pump with another one at the top of Fountain street. This is where you could get clean water as a lot of houses did not have running water in their homes. So you came and filled your bucket up, sometimes quite a few times a day!

Here we are in Hight Street Antrim in July 1990 on a sad day for this is when Palmer's shop closed. It had a grocery business and also sold sweets along with cigarettes and tobbacco, but it waa also a good place to hear the latest news. On the left was Delargy's bookies and the right hand side you had
Avril's the florists which was run by two sweet ladies.
Now you young ones see if you can find where it used to be.
Do you remember that song by Bernard Cribbins 'Hole in the Ground' well here in High Street in 1980 we had one they were putting in larger pipes to
accommodate the growing community and you can see up Railway Street.
This photograph was taken a very long time ago for the 'Lough Neagh Hotel has not been built, it would have been the second building on the left, which would have made five hotels in the one street. The first building on the left wa R. Anderson a hardware shop selling all domestic household goods tea, sugar, China ect. He was also a Provision Curer. Outside the shop three ladies are lookig at a baby in a pram.The third building was McKewons sweet shop and the Sloan's the butchers, futher down at the white flagpole was the 'Antrim Arms Hotel'. Over on the right the first building with a man sitting outside
is 'Adair Temperance Arms Hotel' Then the Massereene Arms Hotel' with a lady sitting outside and finally the 'Hall's Hotel', next to 'Hall's Hotel' was The Castle an icecream parlor and also home bakery as well. Then the Belfast Savings bank followed by John Ortons and the corner shop at Railway street sold boots and shoes. In the distant on the left are two horse carts making deliveries while futher up from them lies a dog in the road, it wouldn't get doing that now. And as always the towering spire of All Saints' Presbyterian Church can be seen from everywhere.
Here's another picture of Antrim town centre taken around 1980, and while the buildings remain much the same, the shop fronts tell their own story of how much things had changed. The Antrim Tavern, Antrim Wine Market, the Trustees Savings Bank, Lee's Chemist, Gulliver's Travel, the Ulster Bar and Billy's Café are all but just a distance memory.
William Harkness, ploughing with his horses at his farm ‘Seacash’ which is on the Randox Road. The photograph was taken during the 1920’s, by the farm’s feed supplier who was an amateur photographer. William Harkness was a champion ploughman and for many years was a competition judge.
The Harkness family still own and farm ‘Seacash’.
Here are a few local men on the sidelines enjoying the match.
From left to right we have Leslie Allen, Billy Allen, Jimmy Creighton, Billy Rodgers, Jack Allen, Joey Wallace and Bobby Peacocke
This is a Mr. Hamilton's week's wage packet from Short Brothers & Harland Ltd. What he worked at is unknown, the date is 28th August 1949.
Here we have a gathering of friends having their photograph taken in one of their gardens enjoying the good weather while it lasts.
At the back (from the left) we have Mr W. Hogg, beside him with a lovely smile is Miss D. V Nucta. In front (from the left) are Mrs Wheelor, Mrs G Carlesle and finally Mrs Hogg.
Here we are on the Oldstone road and having a great time in the muck are Batman fans David and Andrew Harbinson.
Yes they are on the Oldstone road for this was when they were widening it. How I know they are Batman fans? Take a look at their wellie boots.
Now here we are somewhere in Hall's Hotel which was in High Street we have some of the staff having a break with a friend.
The only one known is in the middle is Molly Gillespie and her husband also worked as a staff member. At the moment I do not know any of the rest,
but if you do please let know and I will send you a copy without the watermark.
These two lassies are enjoying a break from work and loving the sunshine.
They work in The Antrim Weaving Company down Riverside and they are Grace Clark and Ruth Hamill in the 50's.

Here we are at Holywell Hospital in Antrim and this is the Holywell Hospital Badminton team back in 1955. At the moment only one of them is known
and that is Joan Mailey who is first on the left of the ladies. Now if you know anymore of them please let me know and I will send you a copy.

MY MUM 1705
Having their photograph taken in 1973 with their mum May Hannan we have her three sons Gary, Norman and Philip.
Here we have Elizabeth Hood in 1990 standing beside the Sixmileriver Water in Antrim just across from where Hall's Hotel used to be.
The lady with the white apron on is Miss Hows, who she was or what she did is unknown to me at the moment. On her right all dressed up is Aggie Beatty and the other little girl is Billie Beatty. Were they dressed for Easter or May day as they both have bonnets. The other lady and the boy are unknown. Behind the group are lengths of linen lying in the field to get bleached by the sun and beyond that are some houses.
The photograph could have been taken at the Green at Muckamore.
Racing legend Mike Hawthorn, a Formula One driver and World Champion in 1958, pictured that very year in Antrim. He is pictured at the rear of Hall's Hotel with Marie Wilson, Derek McCrea and Robert Wilson. Given his pedigree on the track, it's perhaps unsurprising that Mike was keen to see the nippy white sports car that Robert had recently acquired!
Here is a casual photo of Mike Hawthorn with Marie Wilson, Derek Macrae, Robert Wilson and at the back of Hall's Hotel in 1958
This Mike Hawthorn who was a Formula One driver and was World Champion in 1958 when this photograph was taken.
He is standing at the front door of Hall's Hotel with the then owner Bob Wilson. The two young men are Derek Macrae and Robert Wilson, Bob Wilson's son who later became the proprietor. Mike was one of the many famous personalities from Radio, Television, Stage and the Policital arena that have stayed here.
This is Maggie Hannan in Massereene Street and in the background you can see Riverside.
The date is unknown.
Taken in Massereene Street looking towards Riverside you can see part of All Saints' Parish Church and the buildings and in the foreground we have Maggie Hannan. The date is unknown.
Sitting on the roller in front of Massereene Golf Club is Maggie Hannan. The date is unknown.
It's the 1980's and as it's Sunday there is nothing open, note the traffic lights and the garage. Here are some of the shop owners: Molly Wilson Ladies Drapery, Pat and Joe Barr Motor Car and bikes accessory shop, Steve Sloan's butchers , Josey Sloan confectionery and cigarettes and Pat Sloan Publican.
I'ts 4.25pm about 20 years ago and we are in High Street looking across to 'Scottie's Corner'. As well as Scottie's video library and club we have Irwin's Estate agents,McCabes the butchers, Bank of Ireland and the tree in All Saints' church grounds all gone.
Also in Bridge Street to your right you can just see Getty's Electrical store also long gone.
My thanks to Drew Francey for these names.
Entertainers most likely hired by the hotel.There are ladies have on large fllowered hats including a straw hat, also two of the ladies one of which is carrying over her arm a fox fur. The other lady is wearing a straw hat and a feather boa around her shoulders.Two of the men standing are wearing cowbow style hats also the man crosslegged on the kerb. To his right are three boys, first one is dressed like Huckelberry Finn plus the hat, the second one is wearing a fancy hat with a large feather sticking out of it and a uniform, while the third boy is wearing a tree piece suit with a tie and on his head is like a train engineers cap. When you think back to that time Antrim town was a mecca for tourists, there where five Hotels in High Street, you had the Kings Arms, Antrim Arms, Lough Neagh, Masserene Arms and Hall's Hotel. Hall's hotel was a grand building on an even grander scale. It grew from the amalgamation of the Kings Arms, the Commercial and Massereene Arms - the latter of which was the grand-daddy of them all. Built in 1754, it had tended the needs of thirsty soldiers after the Battle of Antrim in 1798. but the modern era really began at the turn of the 20th century - around the time this picture was taken- when Maud Martha Wilson the daughter of RJ Hall, arrived on the scenewith a mission to transform the hotel into one of the best-knownin the province. That she succeeded was a testament to her insistence on quality and high standards - along with her generous nature and indomitable spirit. A tireless charity worker, she was remembered by her son Robert as a woman who 'didn't do things by half!' Sadly Hall's was demolished four decades ago (now 2021), but the name lives on through the bridge which crosses the Six Mile Water river.