This is the Graham family out for a walk and taking a break sitting on a bridge at Taylors Town on the 14th July 1954 and by the way they are dressed their summers were the same as ours of today. On the left is Vincent Graham aged 10 with the Alsation dog called Juno Nesbitt, next is Joe Graham aged 8 1/2, their mum Mrs Evelyn Graham nee May holding Elizabeth Graham and on the ground in front of the bridge is John Graham aged 4.
Mrs Graham originally came from County Sligo in 1942 and then married local farmer and settled here in Taylors Town.

It's around 1952 when kids were kids and played 90% of their time outside playing games and using their imagination.
Here in Gillespie's back garden we have Annie Oakley on the left and Marshall Wyatt Earp on the right having just captured Billy the Kid.
Annie Oakley's real name is Tricia (Patricia) Wilson, Marshall Wyatt Earp real name is Alan Gillespie while Billy the Kid wearing the old Fire Warden hat is Desmond Gillespie.

Here we have Joan O'Shaghnessy holding onto the gates of St. Mac Nissius Chapel on the Chapel Road Tannaghmore when Joan was around 20 years old when this photograph was taken back in 1943. Joan used to travel to Belfast to work as an assistant in Sinclair's in Royal Avenue. Later on in life Joan got married and became a McGarry and worked in the local school at Tannaghmore as a dinner lady. What I want to know is who was the feller that took this photograph the reason I think it's a feller is because it's a man's bike Joan is sitting on.
Now a little bird has told me that on the 5th of February 2013 is Joan's birthday and that she's only 90 years young!
Here in the Gillespie's back garden in Castle Street in 1952 we all ready to play at the back is Desmond and Alan Gillespie while in front is Trisha Wilson.
Standing proudly in the middle of the road is piper Bertie Gilmore from Randalstown.
Shortly after Christmas the Antrim Guardian had the sad duty of reporting the sudden passing of a former much-loved local minister. Rev George Cunningham served in Antrim during the 1970s and eary 1980s, leaving an indelible mark on his beloved Greystone Presbyterian Church. During his 12 years in the town he also forged close links with Greystone Primary School and Antrim Technical College - and as this picture shows, he created no shortage of happy memories. That's Rev Cunningham at the back in 1973 with members of the Greystone choir. I'm sure regular readers will recognise
quite a few of the young singers.
This photograph was turned into a Post Card which was quite popular back then and then posted back to their friends.
Now this one wasn't and written on the back was " For Mother from Joseph. This is the Gymnastic Club."
As you can see they must have been a successful club for they have a Large cup and two medals in front of them. Sadly I cannot even tell you where Joseph is in the photograph or what part of the local area they came from, but if you do please let me know and I will send you a copy.
A teenage Laurence McKenna pictured during the 1930's in front of Gribben's shop where he trained as a shoemaker. It was shoes of another kind, however, that made Laurence's name. The Antrim man purchased the old forge in Bridge Street in 1950 and converted into the popular Horseshoe shop. Laurence went home in 2009 and the grand old age of 92.
It's August 1937 and we are on Mr Graham's farm at Carnnavey Muckamore and taking a ride on flatbed cart are in the background with a white cap on but can't see his face is Wesley Kingston. In front of him waving to the camera is William Graham, the young boy holding the reins is Hal Griffth, and the smiling lady is Jeanne Graham. Now William Graham who was born on the 25th October 1866 and when he was 22 in 1888 he went to Matricule University and graduated 1891 in Maths, Latin, Greek, English and Experimental Physics. Between the two World Wars he went to Germany to teach English and this is William back home before the start of the Second World War.
This is John Graham on his farm at Carmavey, Muckamore holding on to his his horse with a young lad sitting on the horse which are both unknown.
Getting his school photograph taken in 1954 we have Roy Griffen aged 10.
Here's Roy Giffen aged three wondering what an earth is going on as he gets his photograph taken on the 22nd April 1947.
This is Gwynn's Temperance L.O.L. 419 in Railway Street on the 12th July year unknown.
In the centre of the men seated is the M.P. Jim Molineaux and the bandsman to the far left is Matt Mcullough.
This Northern Counties bus usually takes the tourists from Hall's Hotel on trips around the Antrim Coast.
Today is different for it's the locals in 1950 who get a turn to go out for a day. With her arm out of the left window we have Mary Gillespie who was a waitress at Halls Hotel, the rest of the smiling faces are unknown.
Taken in Scunthorpe it's no wonder these nurses are all smiling for they have all passed and holding onto their scrolls to prove it and the reason for all the flags is that the year is 1953 and Queen Elizabeth's coronation. I presume the nurse sitting in the middle holding a shield as well as her scroll must have come out on tops. Sadly I do not know the names of the nurses or the dignitary except for the lady (second from the left) in the front row, she is Jane (Jeannie) Graham SRN ARRC DN. Jeannie went home on the
26th April 1960 aged 51.
If you know any of them please let me know and I will send you a large copy of the photograph without the watermark.
The man on the motorbike is John Graham, the lady could possibly be his wife but I'm not sure and the same goes for the three boys they could be his sons and the house to
the left is the Graham home. This photograph was made into a postcard and written on the back was the following, some of the message is missing due to ink being spilt on it
and this is all I could make out:
Loanends So. F. Farr 26. 8. 19
Sir Your presence is requested at a meeting of Elders and Commette which will be held at D.V.-ls in Loanends
Lect---- Hall on Saturday, 30th wish
Yours Respectfully
Wm A Freer
Here doing what all nurses love and give freely is love and kindness and a cuddle to young ones just like Jeannie Graham SRN sometines known as Jane is doing to this poor chap with a bandage on his head.
Jeannie is holding him so he can get the fresh air and sunshine while she talks to the patient in the bed. What they used to do years ago in the summertime if the ward had a veranda or an outside area they would wheel the beds out into the sun so the patients could feel the fresh air and sun on their faces and it helped to perk them up a bit and make them feel more alive. They used to do that at the Royal Victoria hospital, the year is unknown.
Jeannie loved nursing dedicating her life to it and went on to become a matron
Taken through the window showing patients and nurses having morning breakfast and of course there's nurse Jeannie Graham giving the lad in his dressing gown a cuddle and brings a smile to his young face. Jeannie's face not so good due to the sunlight striking the window pane.
This Wedding photograph was taken at R. Clements Lyttle of Belfast and what good job they did of it. Fashion was so elegant back then, just look at the elegance of the hat of the lady on the left and the Bride's hat is made of white light material and has like sticks coming out of the head section covered in light material to form a triangle shape at the end all the way round like an umbrella and on the top of the band is two white buds. I hope my description is ok if not just put me straight. Lastly the lady at the ends suit just oozes class and the beautiful embroidery on her sleeve is beautiful. The men are smartly dressed and are only there to make up the numbers after all it's the Bride's day. After all that I only know one name and that is Miss M. Graham and where she is I do not know.
If you know any of them please let me know and I will send you a copy with out the watermark.