Well here we are in Portrush the year is unknown on a sunny day but as you know Portrush that does not mean it's warm as you can see by big coats on everyone. The building in the middle was the town theatre and to the far left is where Barrys is now. There seems to be plenty of visitors in town judging by the cars parked in the foreground and futher up the road where there is also there single decker buses parked. On the wall above the two men is an advertisement telling ladies that further up the road is a ladies hairdressing salon. Next is a stripped awning with shop assistant all in white handing over to the two ladies their purchases in paper bags. In the middle of the road standing is a policeman with his right arm out straight which means all traffic behind him must stop so the lady is making the best of the moment to cross the road. In front of the policeman is the Causway electric tram which has just left Portrush Railway Station and is now heading up through the town and out to the world famous Giants Causway.
Good old Portrush how it brings back the memories, the Sunday School trips, into Barrys and when older going to the dances in the Arcadia.
Now on the back of ths postcard is the followinng: To Miss W. McCord, Ballyquillan Aldergrove, Co.Antrim. Dear Winnie, Down here for the day.
It is beautiful weather we are having, I will be down soon to see you as I am Spending 1weeks holiday at home. Love Eleanor

The card was posted in Antrim! At 1.45pm on the 29 July 1949.
Well here we are at Portrush at the Promenda, in the background to the far right in front of the house with two white umbrella sunshades are two ladies
having tea. It can't be that warm for all the people seated above the beach have got coats on, while down below seated at the beach are some men and ladies
are in their bathing costumes. Now to the left in the corner fully dressed are unconcerned what is going on for they are engrossed in ther reading.
Further olong to the left there are even men sitting there with suits and ties on. While it is mostly ladies in the deck chairs and a few men., at the left on the
sand are two girls catch ball. As you can see the bathing costumes have changed for bothe men and women no more covered from the neck to below the knees.
At the far right just near the waters edge is a gentleman in a suit with shoes on and reading a paper and on his head of course the famous knotted hankie.
This postcard had on the back the following: To Miss Ena McCord, Ballyquillan, Aldergrove Co. Antrim. We are having a swell time down here.
The weather is lovely, we didn't see any Crumlin Young Farmers down here on Saturday. From Bridget and Margaret.
The card was posted at Portrush at 2.15p in 0 Sept 1945 and it cost 2d to send.